Susan Thumm Paxton - Author

Born and raised In Norfolk, Virginia, Susan Thumm Paxton has lived in New Orleans, Washington DC, Pasadena, California, Alexandria, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, Virginia---and the fictional town of Grace, North Carolina for UNEASY GRACE. Recently, she's spent time living in her characters' world on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a place she knows well having spent many years vacationing there with her family. THE RETURN is an ode to the mystery, beauty, and power of the sea and those who love it.

When not writing, Susan can be found balancing precariously in a yoga class, laughing, eating, and reminiscing with her family, searching for signs of porpoises (and the occasional whale) on beaches of the Outer Banks, or walking her dog, Jazzy who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kinsey ( the main character’s dog in UNEASY GRACE.aTThny yea


About the books

About the books

Readers who enjoy mysteries with lots of twists and turns and a dash of romance will enjoy UNEASY GRACE. While geared to a young adult audience, the complexities of characters and the numerous plot twists will appeal to adult readers as well. The novel deals with issues of addiction, bullying, racism, and the influence of social media. Most of all, it is a story of families-- the secrets, the betrayals, and the love that binds them.


"UNEASY GRACE is an intense coming-of-age story infused with small town secrets, family drama and suspense. Paxton excels at creating atmosphere, tension and the emotionally charged conflicts of teens forced to grow up fast." Jayne Ann Krentz

 THE RETURN . THE RETURN combines the premise of danger lurking in an isolated location like that in Mexican Gothic with the alternate timelines and twisty plot of The Last House Guest.